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Trends in searched topics, services, and products constantly change throughout the year. Find out during which period your website was searched for by the most visitors. Statistics are an integral part of internet marketing, that will help you get to know your web users and achieve your goals.

Data archives with detailed information about website users

Analytics is a free tool for tracking website visitors. The data archived by Google will show you, for example, how many people visited the site in the last week, which subpages were viewed the most, what devices were used, and much more.

Data archives with detailed information about website users
Are you constantly putting effort into marketing?Measure whether it works.

Are you constantly putting effort into marketing?
Measure whether it works.

Have you launched several campaigns but don't know which one brings the most valuable users? Who are the people who have purchased from you or contacted you? Are they from searches, social media, or paid advertising? Explore the data, get to know your customers, and reach out to others.

Add code to your website and track the data. Damn!

You can measure the success of your website content or the performance of your e-shop products in just a few minutes. Connect Analytics with other services like Search Console, Google Ads, or Data Studio, and master digital nomadism.

Add code to your website and track the data.Damn!

Why collect and analyze website data?

Invest only where it makes sense.

Invest only where it makes sense

If you know where your key visitors, i.e. those who make a purchase or contact you, most often come to your website from, you can allocate your marketing budget wisely to these sources.

Create website content that is valuable

Create website content that is valuable

By analyzing specific interactions, you gain insights into, among other things, how engaging the content of the website or specific product is for visitors. You will find out which subpages hold the user's attention the longest.

Examine the achieved revenue and goals

Examine the achieved revenue and goals

You can have several goals right away - revenue from e-shop sales, service orders, phone calls, or interest in a price list. Monitor the number of downloads of your product or service catalog.

Optimize the website‘s visual for everyone

Optimize the website's visual for everyone

Find out which devices visitors most commonly land on your website from and serve them exactly what they're looking for in an optimized visual environment, simply and as quickly as possible.

Google Analytics or Tag Manager?
Both are related.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics
Event-focused tool

The most advanced version of analytics, which captures a visitor's website behavior into a multitude of events. Every page view, link click, scroll, or time spent on a page, Google Analytics records as events, assigning them specific values. All these events are eventually grouped into a category known as website interaction.

Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager
Advanced Event Manager

Tag Manager is a tagging system that serves as a complement to Universal Analytics and Google Analytics.  Unlike these analytical tools, Tag Manager can trigger and label specifically defined events that users perform on the website. Wondering which payment method they click on the most before completing a purchase? Tag Manager captures such events and sends them to the Analytics tool.

Frequently asked questions

Why use analytical tools? What are their advantages?

Despite being free, Google's analytical services offer a lot of invaluable insights that you can use to your advantage in your digital marketing journey. With detailed information about the performance, quality, and relevance of your website, you can build a better presentation and thus increase brand awareness.

Knowing data about visitors, how they use your website, reduces internet marketing costs and increases revenue and goal achievement. By reading the data, you can more easily understand people's behavior, identify which resources are bringing you the most profit, and which content on the site is performing best and achieving your desired goals.

Do I need to have statistical tools for SEO optimization?

Google Analytics allows you to link to your Google Search Console account, which captures all the queries people have made before they visit your website. If we know which subpage users landed on and what their further interactions with the website were, we can evaluate its relevance and quality.

Did they browse a particular subpage for a longer time, explore your products, or directly contact you? They gave you a clear signal about which content is interesting to them, probably also thanks to the search optimization techniques you implemented on the website. Analytical tools can help you uncover the weak points of your web presentation.

How long does it take to see the first data?

Website data, such as the number of people online, can be seen within minutes of creating an account and inserting the tracking code on the website. Data in Google Analytics is generated with a delay of several minutes to hours.

The slower data update is due to the more accurate evaluation of interactions performed by users on the website. Another factor causing data not to be current is website traffic, which, when higher, causes this delay. From a technical perspective, data update should not take more than 24 to 48 hours.

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