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A new website, strong competition, high demand for products or services - these are just a few reasons to expand your marketing strategy with paid Google Ads advertising campaigns. We will help you set them up to target the right people.

Gain top positions in search results

Gain top positions in search results

We will get your website to the top positions using proven practices in paid Google Ads campaigns. Be among the first and ensure that people immediately find what you offer - get into their consciousness as soon as possible.

Advertisements almost everywhere. 
Google, YouTube, G-mail. 
You choose.

Thanks to smart campaigns, we will expand the reach of your offer across the Google Display Network. The YouTube video database is a great way to introduce viewers to, for example, the latest collection of trendy products. Capture attention with your services in Gmail, when people are checking their messages.

Advertisements displayed everywhere
Target users who can become valuable customers.

Target users who can become valuable customers

Precise audience targeting can bring website visitors who are more likely to perform a conversion action - a purchase, inquiry via form, or phone call. Don't have a website? Local campaigns will show the route directly to you.

Key benefits
of paid campaigns

Immediate increase in traffic to new websites

Immediate increase in traffic to new websites

Everything is ready, but nobody knows about you? Launch a campaign and show the world your website. Google Ads can attract users to your website within just a few hours.

Increased promotion of products during the season

Increased promotion of products during the season

Maximize the growth of your business when the time is right. Purchases of products or service orders can be boosted with an increased budget.

Competitiveness against corporate companies

Competitiveness against corporate companies

Are you new to the market, but have ambitions to be among the top right away? We'll push you to the tip of the iceberg - no problem. Succeed against the big companies right from the start.

Precise measurement of the effectiveness of paid marketing

Precise measurement of the effectiveness of paid marketing

Google Ads campaigns, when integrated with analytical tools, are precise indicators of the profitability of paid advertising. We measure and analyze the entire user journey.

We manage, analyze, and innovate
with advanced Google tools

Google Ads
Google Ads

Google Ads
Ad manager

Did you know that setting up a campaign is just the beginning? Quite the opposite. Paid advertising on the Google network requires constant attention and proper decision-making. Google Ads is a tool that, through machine learning, provides recommendations based on which you can achieve better results. Are you familiar with them?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics
Website statistics

Web traffic analysis is one of the most important factors in measuring the success of internet marketing. Thanks to this data, we can determine the effectiveness of paid campaigns. Did the visitors complete a purchase, submit a form, or make a phone call? We know their user journey, behavior, and even the device used.

Google Analytics
Google Merchant Center
Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center
List of e-shop products

Have you reduced the prices of products, is a season approaching, or a warehouse sale is planned? Free Google product listings make it easier to link the e-commerce catalog directly with Google Ads. Display the current inventory on Google, YouTube, or Gmail and thus reach a wider audience with your products.

Google My Business profile

Google My Business profile
Business profile manager

Simplify the customer's journey to your physical store. Google Business profile is an online business card with detailed information directly in the Google search results. Display a targeted local campaign when people are searching in online maps, watching YouTube videos, or reading mail in their electronic inbox.

Google My Business profile
Google Tag Manager
Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager
Event management tool

Is it important for you to measure clicks on an email address, phone number, or file links? Do you need to know how far users scroll down on a webpage? If this is the goal of your campaign, we know how to do it. We can tag any event on the web as a conversion, thus sending a clear signal to Google Ads.

Frequently asked questions

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising system where the user pays per click (PPC). Relevant responsive ads are placed at the top of the search results when users search for products or services. The service also allows advertising on websites in the Google network, in Gmail email, on Google maps and applications, and in YouTube videos.

Ads allow targeting specific keywords, gender and age of users, their location and languages, and the devices used. In addition, you can adjust the bid of your ad depending on the budget. Selected keywords determine the bid, which evolves from the segment in which you do business, current interest in products and services, etc.

Who can use Google Ads?

Using Google Ads, almost anyone who sells products or offers services can attract new customers. Whether you're a newcomer in craft production or an established company dealing with the sale of design products, with paid advertising we can reach the right people.

For each client, a different advertising campaign with a specific goal, which is set at the initial setup, is suitable. For example, a shopping campaign may be appropriate for a database e-shop, while a search campaign may be appropriate for a company that offers products in the industrial manufacturing sector.

How much does paid advertising cost?

The cost of paid advertising in Google Ads varies across different sectors. Typically, it ranges from a few cents to tens of EUR per click. The price also depends on your competition, who, like you, sets a maximum price per click (CPC) and competes with you in an auction that takes place when people search for your products or services.

The advantage of Google Ads is that you can set your own budget that you want to spend daily. A properly set up campaign can make the most of this budget to bring as many clicks and thus potential customers to your website as possible.

Do campaigns work immediately? When will I see results?

Although a Google Ads campaign can be set up in a relatively short time, it may take several days to weeks before the ads actually have a positive impact on the final outcome. To achieve the best possible results, it is necessary to experiment with ad creatives, keywords, and budget adjustments.

Thanks to our extensive experience in running Google advertising campaigns, we can minimize this so-called testing period to find out as soon as possible what benefits they bring specifically for your business. After collecting sufficient data in website statistics, we can determine the return on investment for the paid campaign and decide on further steps within Google marketing.

How do I decide how much budget to allocate?

There is no general rule regarding the "right" amount of budget. The budget is set based on your advertising goals and how much you are willing to spend each day. Here are more insights on the topic from Google.

We recommend setting a daily limit to a minimum of 10 EUR and gradually adjusting the bid depending on the success of the advertising campaign. The recommended daily limit amounts are also influenced by the actual demand for services or products, which can be higher or lower at certain times.

What types of campaigns do you create?

Google Ads offers a variety of campaign types suitable for achieving desired goals. From our own experience, we achieve the best results with search ads and shopping campaigns.

When someone intentionally searches for a product or service like yours, they are much more likely to find your ad useful and click on it. This also increases the chance that users will purchase the product or call your company.

Other campaigns, such as display advertising, YouTube video ads, or advertising in Google apps, are more suitable for building brand awareness or company image, product, or service.

Do you create ad variations?

We create several ad variations based on different combinations of headlines and descriptions, drawing from your assets and relevant keywords. For each type of campaign, we create at least three ad variations to ensure the highest campaign optimization at the initial stage.

Ad variations can also be grouped based on whether your campaign focuses on multiple products or services that are suitable for categorization.

How does billing work? How much will I pay for management?

All expenses for running the advertising campaign are billed by Google Ads in your account, which we manage. Tax receipts for these expenses are available for download directly in your Google Ads account. Please read the Google Billing Options article to help you determine how and when you pay.

For creating advertising campaigns in Google Ads, we charge a one-time fee of 150 EUR. Then, once the campaign is activated, we charge 15% of the total credit used each month to manage the campaign. This monthly fee ensures that we provide quality services in areas such as campaign optimization and management to maximize its effectiveness.

Does it all seem complicated?
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