Discover potential
by understanding connections

Utilize the latest analytical tools
and turn your website visitor into a customer.

Discover potential by understanding connections

Acquisition. Interaction. Conversion.
Ugh. Let's keep it simple.

User resources and user behaviour

User resources 
and user behaviour

Get to know your audience and focus on those website visitors who bring the highest level of engagement. The most visited subpages give a clear signal about which content is most important to visitors. We'll teach you how to uncover and explore their values.

Do you know where your site's visitors most frequently come from? What referral sources direct them to visit your website? And what are they actually looking for on your website? By knowing the answers to these questions, you can gain a huge advantage over the competition.

Activities and events on the web

Users interact with the website at different times. Did you know that at least 10 seconds spent on a website is considered a successful interaction? The user's journey through the site is based on a timeline of events. We'll help you navigate it.

Whether it's your website or app, an interaction in the context of web analytics refers to a specific action performed by a user on the site/in the app. Depending on the content and type of website, a large number of user interactions can be tracked.

Activities and events on the web
Revenue and achieving goals

Revenue and achieving goals

Sales and revenue, submitted forms, and contact with potential customers - these are measurable data that are clear objectives for every marketer. Gain and analyze detailed insights into which products or services are helping to grow your business.

The performance of your website can be measured in multiple ways. It doesn't always have to involve an e-shop and the measurability of revenue from the sale of your products or services.

In a nutshell: Lower advertising costs.
Increasing brand awareness.
Higher sales and growth.

Tools of a successful analyst

We'll broaden your horizons and help find answers to key indicators.
We'll show you which campaigns are profitable by identifying achieved goals.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Extensive analytical tool from Google that reveals the complete journey of website visitors, their behavior, and the devices they use. Implement Google Analytics on your website and start reading data today!

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